Friday, November 21, 2008

A Proud Mother

Well today my DS graduated for High School today. No more school an end to an era. He starts full time job in a weeks time. Here are some photo's of him dressed ready for his Formal, which he had this week, and his Graduation today. The graduation photo's is not that good but will put a better one on when I have a chance.

The first two (2) photo's were taken at his Grandmother's place, the third one (1) was taken at home and the last one (1) was taken at the school hall (not the best photo, hopefully my DH photo might be better).
To my DS Aunts who check out my blog and who have not yet seen these photo's, next time we get together up we will have these photo's and more for you to look at but here is a taste.


Leonie said...

you must be very proud

Debbie M said...

Hi Judy

He looks very proud of himself! Or is he thinking also about the no more school... LOL

from one of his D/Aunts

Ps: love your last two KWerner challenge cards.

Kylie said...

Congrats to your son Judy!
Whole new life and the best part no more school lol!
Such a cutie too lol!
Take Care XX