Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Award

How slack am I because 2 weeks ago I received this award from Debbie and Leonie. Thank you so much ladies. Well now I have to nominate 10 bloggers that I consider great.

I would have loved to give Debbie and Leonie the award as well but they have given it to me so here goes:

Well that was hard because there were others that I would have loved to add to this list but I had to only put 10 down.

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kirstyscardnscrap said...

Thank you for the lovely award Judy. It is very kind of you, I'm not sure if I deserve them though, my blogging recently has been very sparse...lol. I'm not sure what was up with my blog mail. There was no link to your page. Now that I have saved it I will have no worries! Thanks again, and I must say your work is very inspirational.
Love Kirsty